A new form of risk investment in Finland

We invest media visibility

into growth companies to create growth.

The impact of advertising

The market plays a significant role in creating and speeding up growth for companies, as it allows improvement of the company’s name recognition, arousing interest in the company’s product or directing the customer to go shopping at an online or brick-and-mortar store. 90 % of the time Finns spend with media is spent on television, radio and the Internet. On the average, people spend 76 minutes per day with MTV’s media. For this reason, growing companies should also concentrate their marketing on media that is popular among Finns to get their message heard. Depending on the company’s situation and market area, media can support the company’s growth nationally or in a more restricted area.


For further information about MTV media, please visit www.spotti.fi.

How we work

We invest venture capital into companies that want to grow their businesses in Finland. The companies we look for will benefit from media visibility but currently they lack funds to invest into advertising.

Investments are made from M4E Finland Fund I managed by investment professionals of the management company M4E Oy. M4E agrees upon the detailed investment terms with a company that fulfils the Fund’s investment criteria. After that, the company will tailor the optimal timing, channels and space of the media mix with the sales specialists of MTV.

Investments are preferably made as set-off issues where the Fund pays for shares by setting off a receivable. Other financial instruments (e.g. options, capital loans, convertible loans) are possible and tailored for the optimal mutual outcome, case by case.

Investment criteria

We look for companies with following characteristics:

  • The management is willing and able to make the business grow. The management is committed to the company.
  • The company is in such phase that media advertising will boost its brand/product awareness and sales in Finland.
  • The company shall have income and/or growth financing to cover the normal operating costs and investments. M4E will take care of the advertising budget only.
  • The Fund may co-invest with other investors and financiers as a part of a financing package.
  • The company’s offering shall be targeted at consumers or a large amount of enterprises in Finland.
  • The company shall be a newcomer in media advertising. The investments are not targeted at MTVs existing customers.

The team

We investment managers responsible of the Fund’s investments, have founded, incubated, developed, turned around, financed, bought and sold an uncounted number of Finnish companies. Our aggregated professional experience is more than 50 years. We have worked as advisors, venture capitalists, board professionals, entrepreneurs, managers and business angels. We do M&A transactions, due diligences, financial and strategic advisory and turnarounds for living. The idea of a media for equity fund was co-developed with the professionals from MTV as an answer to the challenges we have in the Finnish economy today. MTV’s Swedish parent company Bonnier has been making media for equity investments in Sweden and Norway for a long time. The concept is widely used in other countries, too. We believe that we are the first ones to pilot this kind of investing in Finland.

  • Riitta Palmén
    Riitta PalménInvestment Manager, Founding Partner

    Riitta is a seasoned professional within finance, M&A, venture capital and other corporate economics. Riitta’s career of more than 20 years includes positions within stock analysis, private equity and financial advisory. The last 14 years Riitta has co-owned financial advisory companies together with Peter Charpentier. This yin & yang duo has served hundreds of companies in all possible industries in different cases mainly relating to finance, performance and tax. In her free time Riitta, a mother of three, walks around the Central park of Helsinki, sings classical songs and admires a variety of cultural events.

    tel: +358 40 900 9469

  • Peter Charpentier
    Peter CharpentierInvestment Manager, Founding Partner

    Peter is a ’virtuoso di’ in problem solving that relate to financial figures, deal structuring and corporate arrangements. Peter is a long term entrepreneur with three decades of experience in SME’s financial matters. Peter’s long career incorporates accounting services, private equity investing, CFO positions, financial and tax advisory. Peter is specialist in distressed companies. In his free time Peter & family live countryside life, travel and exercise.

    tel: +358 40 900 9464

  • Riikka Koskenohi
    Riikka KoskenohiAnalyst

    Riikka is an undergraduate majoring in economic science. Despite her young age she has already plenty of work experience. Before joining the Palmén & Charpentier team, Riikka worked in many years in advertising and digital agency giving her the understanding of the hectic and fast moving media industry. Based on her past experiences, Riikka has become  rapid, sharp and deep analyst of businesses. Good attitude, warm heart, hard work and knowledge are Riikka’s strengths with clients. In her free-time Riikka concentrates on finalizing her studies, spending time with her family and jogging.

    tel: +358 50 412 7538

Contact information

Shall we meet and get to know each other? Please fill in our application form and we will be in touch. For more information, please contact us at info(at)m4e.fi

You can find us at Eteläesplanadi 22 A, 3. floor, 00130 Helsinki